Rural Tourism

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3Villa Pine, Serbia

This modern facility is located in a quiet, residential part of Zlatibor. “Villa Pine” has two types of apartments: luxury apartments and studio apartments. For the youngest a little empire was created with swing, seesaw and castle. In the reception there is a pleasant internal bar. Bar works every day all day long, and it is open only for our guests and their friends. All guests can use complete ski equipment for free, during the stay in the Villa.

AEthno Jevtovic

Ethno Jevtovic household has several ethnic objects, converted for a comfortable and pleasant vacation, complemented with refined warm colors, ethnographic and artistic details. In the vicinity of this household is swimming pool, and there are excellent opportunities for hiking and mountaineering. You can enrich your holiday by picking mushrooms in season, hunting, fishing, gathering medicinal herbs or making homemade brandy with the hosts.

DvoristeLjubino dvorištance

Ljubino dvorištance is located on the peaceful hills of Brusnica village. At 544 meters above sea level, under the influence of mild climate, you will feel all the charm of healthy, unpolluted nature. Household owns the house and a wooden house built in XIX century, and in the courtyard there is a small swimming pool. You can decide for self-preparing food, but specialties of valuable housewife are highly recommended, and they can be brought to you when you want it.